Quest Ending=New Beginning

Quest 2016 has come to its close with the final synthesis of week four and one last question from our gallery of mentors.

The theme for week four was Doing Your Best Work, Not Someone Else’s, and the prompts were:

  • #Amplify–focus on the intersections of key passions
  • #BraveRace–true strength feeds us and others (dare to walk away from that which doesn’t)
  • #2Stories–power, change, hope, connection, art, no more silence

And how will I do my best work, not someone else’s?

  • GROUND (and heal) myself–body, mind, and soul.
  • ALCHEMIZE my art by combining my strongest skills, and deepest passions.
  • (RE)CONNECT with my big life dreams, my tribe, and the earth.

Which pretty much sums up the month for me, and the year to come, but just to recap the most prevalent themes, they were:

  • Minnie MouseArt/Writing
  • Experiment/Play
  • Personal Connections
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Home/Sanctuary/Haven
  • Health/Healing

And even before this new year started, I am already embracing the feel of this new Quest, thanks to a spontaneous road trip to the happiest place on earth (at least for me). Spending a total of 16.5 hours in the car catching up with an old friend. Riding on roller coasters despite a life-long fear. Buying myself a set of Minnie Mouse ears. Seeing new places and meeting new faces. And more than anything else, having so much fun… something that was lacking in my life for most of 2015.

Which brings us to the final question, because this isn’t just about fun, it’s about building a better life.


Visionary: Srinivas Rao

What will you do in 2016 to assure you and your best work are unmistakable?

Two things:

  1. In my life, I will focus on strengthening my foundation–mind, body, spirit, and connections to give me a strong base to build upon.
  2. In my work, I will focus on the alchemy of intersections, the places where the things that matter most to me overlap or interconnect–art, writing, the apocalypse, prepping, healing, home/sanctuary/haven, homesteading, travel, connecting with others. Not only will the unique combination of materials, methods, and experiences create something truly unique, it will also allow me to better focus my energy instead of spreading it too thin to make any impact.

In fact, I’ve already begun.