Synthesis: Prioritize Your Value

Because of holiday travel and other related events, I seem to have blown right by our synthesis for Quest  week three: Prioritize Your Value.

Quest Week 3 Synthesis


The prompts were #payoff, #3qualities, and #serve.

In #payoff, we wrote about what we need to stop doing in order to focus on higher payoff items. And there were plenty things I need to stop, mostly around:

  • Waste (time, money, and other resources)
  • Procrastination (especially around things that are good for me–going to bed at a reasonable hour, cooking healthy food)
  • Clinging (to past, to stuff I don’t need)
  • Overcommitment

In #3qualities, I wrote that between life, work, and compensation I will be focusing on quality of life in the coming year because until I deal with health and home, I won’t be able to give my work the energy it needs and deserves.

In #serve, I wrote that I planned to serve my muse, but I suspect my answer wasn’t 100% on-track, given my answer to the previous two. It’s all well and good to want to serve the muse, the story, the call to path, but first I need to be healthy and focused enough to answer those calls.

So, despite the fact that the Venn diagram doesn’t show much overlap, really all three answers are about creating a solid, stable foundation from which I can produce my best work. And then from there, clearing the decks to do just that.

So, on to Jeffrey’s two questions:

  • What actions can I take today to move in that direction?
  • What actions can I take on January 2, 2016?

Tonight is easy. Instead of driving an hour or more to the city to hang out with friends when I’m fighting a bad cold, I’m opting to stay in and watch movies with my sister’s dogs. After all, it is the everyday small choices repeated over time that make the most difference.

January 2nd will be more of a challenge as I’ll be spending the day traveling back to New Mexico. On the upside, I’ll have plenty of time in airports and on planes to journal and map out my plans for self-care and creation.