One Last Bit of Quest 2016 Homework

Jeffrey Davis just shared his closing thoughts on Quest 2016 and gave us our final homework assignment–one small project to be completed within the next three months.

To be honest, I have yet to finish a single small project that came out of any of our endeavors: #quest2015, #livethequest, or #daretoexcel, which makes me reluctant to create yet another goal that I won’t meet.

Now part of the problem may have been the projects I chose–at least one of them I picked because I knew the project I was really interested in was too big. But the end result was to drain all the passion from both of them. So this time, I’m going to get a little more vague in the hopes that it will give me enough space to fulfill my desire to experiment wildly with the whole alchemy of integration thing. And so…

Within the next three months I will experiment and play with ways to integrate as many of my core passions as possible–art, writing, personal connections, travel, sanctuary, and healing–into a new form for my art. At the end of that time I will have at least one completed work to share with the group.

I may even share the craziness that happens along the way.


#LiveTheQuest question number six:

What experiment for revenue or reach can you define? #experiment
What is one specific experiment you can define for growth and change for this month in revenue or reach? This experiment is similar to the one small project you defined before. But this time I ask you to frame the experiment in these terms, If I did X, then would Y result? If I wrote and published relevant content every week, would I feel better and reach # more people? If I reached out to 3 people this month for possible connection or collaboration, would one of them lead to an exciting new venture? If my business focused less on _____ and more on ______, would this lead to more customers? If I wrote poetry with no imagery for a month, would I discover another way to write poems? (Okay, that last one was not related to reach or revenue, but I include its ilk as an option.)

Because I so resist this topic I am going to keep this simple.

  1. Revenue: If I finished the unfinished sewing projects taking up space in my house and posted them for sale on my site and Facebook, would people buy them, and might it open up a more year-round stream of craft income for me?
  2. Reach: If I make and hand out five or more business cards featuring both of my URLs during FOGcon, would it lead to more traffic, engagement, and possibly story submissions or collaborations?

Because FOGcon doesn’t happen until the first full weekend in March, I won’t have results on the second experiment until next month, but since I so rarely socialize with my kind (or anyone for that matter), it’s worth the delay.