Video: Gnome Management

2011 has finally arrived and with it you can expect to see some changes coming to OneGarden, including more articles, a broader range of topics, and possibly even a new and larger garden to work with. But while all of that is percolating in the background, now is the perfect time to start dreaming toward spring. What do you hope to do with your garden this year? I know I have big plans for mine. Whatever you do, be sure to plan for dealing with pests like these little guys, brought to our attention by Utah State University.

Happy New Year and happy gardening in 2011!

Scat Cat!

My apartment complex has a stray — an adorable little black cat who I often see out on my patio. A few weeks ago I figured out why. He has been using my planters as a litter box.

Now they sell all kinds of crazy things to keep the strays at bay, but I’m not really interested in anything that requires huge warning labels about how to handle it. I want the kitty to find a new potty, not be traumatized or blinded or harmed in any way. So I left those at the store and instead bought two six-packs of annual flowers (lobelia, to be specific). I cleaned out the deposited cat-goodies, replaced the top level of soil, planted, mulched and voila! Not a single cat-scratch since then, plus the plants that lived there are already looking much healthier.

Of course the kitty moved on to two other planters that I missed, but at least now I know how to handle the problem.