Plant Profile: Rhubarb

rhubarb in flowerAh, rhubarb. It makesĀ a fabulously tart pie filling, a tasty compote ingredient, a striking specimen planting, and yes, it even grows Little Shop of Horrors-style flowers if you don’t mind sacrificing a season’s worth of stalks. Watch for snails and your plant will be as beautiful as it is tasty.

Common name: Rhubarb
Scientific name: Rheum x hybridium
Family: Polygonaceae
Origin: Asia
Type: Perennial, can be grown as annuals in mild-winter areas
Exposure: Full sun (light shade in hottest areas)
Height: 24-36″
Width: 24-48″
Growth rate: Fast
Water: Regular
Zones: 3-8
Foliage color: Dark green
Flower color: Pink/burgundy
Edible: Stalks only
Harvest: Varies, usually late spring and early fall in North America
Propagation: Rhizomes, division
WARNING: ALL parts of the plant except the stalk are poisonous. Be sure to trim all leaf parts from the stalks before cooking.

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