Planting Containers

Once you’ve selected your container and decided which plants to fill it with, putting it all together is a breeze.

  1. Ensure your container has enough drainage, if not, drill some additional holes
  2. Cover holes with fine mesh, cheesecloth, or coffee filters to prevent soil from running out of the pot
  3. Fill your pot with soil; do not use soil from the garden as it may contain deseases or impurities which could become concentrated within the container and damage plants
  4. Leaving your plants in their pots, arrange them on the soil to decide where each plant will go, putting the tallest plants in the back so they don’t block the sun from reaching the smaller plants– be sure to pay close attention to the spacing requirements, especially with seeds (Tip: In containers, plant seeds approximately 1/3 closer together than in the garden to maximize space.)
  5. Dig a hole for each plant slightly wider and deeper than its current pot
  6. Plant each plant
  7. Water thouroughly
  8. Mulch to help preserve moisture

That’s it! Happy planting.