Memorial Day Gardening Challenge

Whether you’re remembering current or past soldiers, a lost loved one or an important occasion from your past, plant something in their honor this weekend. Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

If you’re planting for a person:
– Plant their favorite fruit or vegetable; if you have the space, try a dwarf fruit tree which can give you decades of memories
– Make a mini-garden of ingredients from their favorite type of cuisine
– Plant their favorite flower
– Choose another flower or plant that has meaning — lilies for your Aunt Lily, a palm tree for the grandfather who loved the tropics, a World War II Memorial rose for a veteran of that war

If you’re remembering a special event, consider the following questions to help you decide what to plant:
– Were there flowers or other foliage used as backdrop or decoration? If so, you can plant one of those.
– Did the event take place in a special or unique location? Plant something either related to or from that place.
-Was there a special meal associated with the event? Plant an ingredient.

Whenever possible, try to plant evergreen or perennial plants. Unless you want to create an annual memorial planting tradition, you’ll want something that will come back year after year to keep the memories alive.